Tennis is a game which arguably has a lot to offer in terms of betting markets and variables than any other sport. In order to come up with a betting strategy that comprises of self-discipline coupled with scientific theory to a certain extent, you must follow the four cardinal rules.

Place a Bet When There’s Value

This is something which cannot be stressed enough. You should only place a bet on a tennis match when the match being played is something that actually attracts the right kind of attention. Whenever you are making use of a tennis betting system, you will see that it will break down the matches being played for you so that you are able to filter out and determine which will be the matches that carry the most value regarding betting opportunities.

Find a Specialty

There are plenty of matches which are being played worldwide in both the men’s and the women’s circuits. When you are going into betting on tennis odds, it is better to bet on something that you have more familiarity with and specialize in. There is no way a person can make an analysis of each and every match which is happening in a calendar year.

The really successful bettors make it a point to focus their attention towards either the male or the female circuits. After that, they will either focus on the Challenger circuits or the Grand Slams. This provides them with a specific amount of data they can readily analyse and make better bets. It all depends on your favourite area and you can focus your attention towards the betting markets that you know most about.

Keep a Record

Betting on any game requires the management of a significant amount of money and carries a need to recognize value. You have to be able to maintain a certain sense of discipline when it comes to betting and that can be done only by keeping comprehensive records of all the bets you make.

The record should include the tournament, date, type of bet, the odds, your bookmaker and the profit or loss which you incurred resulting from the bet. The discipline is necessary in order to be a bettor that can sustain a long run in the betting game. Having a record will help you better judge your own performance and which types of bets you have found more profit than others. It can also come in very handy when you are facing a streak of losing bets so you can retrospectively look at the records to find a way to get out of it.

Head to Head Matchups

Determining the winner of a game sometimes can depend on who is playing who rather than the overall record of a player. Before betting on a match, take a look at the head to head between the players involved and see who is the more dominant player and which player do the conditions favour. An example would be the long-standing King of Clay Rafael Nadal who could have taken on any player on clay court and come out victorious even when he was going up against Federer in his top form. Factors like these come in very handy when determining how to place a bet on tennis match and is undoubtedly one of the most pertinent rules.

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