Regardless of what sport you’re trying out for, tryouts can be nerve racking. As a parent, helping your daughter to relax and to give her encouragement will greatly benefit her performance at a softball tryout. Also, making sure she has everything she needs such as comfortable and proper-fitting softball cleats allows her to perform her best and reduces chances of injuries.

Here are five tips for your daughter’s next softball tryout:

  1. Dress appropriately: Wear softball pants and women’s softball cleats. Play the part as if you’re on the team already.
  2. Communicate: Talk to the coaches, other players and parents. By showing that you’re a team player and can communicate well, a coach may pay attention more closely to your play and remember your name at the end of the tryout too. Make yourself stand out!
  3. Leadership: Always be up front and center. Never stand in the back or be the last player to do a drill. By establishing yourself as a leader, others will see you as one too.
  4. Play hard: This means take risks. Don’t play it safe at a softball tryout. Swing hard and dive for balls. Show that you can hustle. This is your one chance to prove you have the moves the coach is looking for in his players.
  5. Take failure well: errors are inevitable, however how you react when you fail is the important part. If you sulk or want to have a pity party, a coach may be more inclined to pass on you as you could affect the team’s overall attitude during games. has a large selection of softball cleats- girls softball cleats, women’s softball cleats, Nike softball cleats and other brands and apparel.

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