Sketcher is a firm that has been in the footwear industry for a very long period of time. When it was established, Sketchers focused on availing all types of footwear for both male and female customers as well as for kids. However, Sketchers shifted its focus to providing a single line on footwear; currently, Sketchers focuses on the provision of all types of shoes which are solely meant for golf players. skechers golf shoes vary depending on several factors as discussed below.


 Though Sketcher Company changed its primary scope, the Sketcher golf shoes are meant for both male and female which means that all golf players are accommodated. Moreover, the firm also offers kids sports shoes at affordable prices to their customers.


Sketcher always ensures that all its customers get the attire that they feel comfortable in and those they are also proud to own. Consequently, Sketcher golf shoes are always available in different colours ranging from white, black, grey, brown yellow and orange among others. Having a variety of colours to choose from increase the choices customers have to choose from as well as increasing the number of sales that the firm makes on a daily basis.


Different individuals always have a huge difference when it comes to the size of clothes and shoes. Games shoes should at all times be fitting so as to increase your comfort as well as making it easy for you to play. Sketcher offers a variety of sizes for their customers. The available sizes of shoes include; small, medium, large sizes, and extra-large sizes. Customers always get an opportunity try on the available shoes so as to ensure that every customer takes home the right size of shoe. The firm still provides different sizes of shoes for kids and also allows customers to first try on the shoes on their kids before making any purchases. The width of the available shoes is also considered as part of the shoe size. The available Sketcher always comes in three categories as per the width which is; medium, wide and extra wide.


The prices of all the shoes available at Sketchers always vary from one pair of shoe to another depending on several factors like the quality of the shoes and the size of the shoe among others. In most cases, shoes that are of a small size and of medium width are relatively cheaper compared to large and wide types of shoes. The prices of all shoes always range from $54 to $ 160 depending on the above factors among others. Customers purchasing more than one pair always get to enjoy subsidized prices and discounts from Sketchers. The firm allows all forms of payments ranging from debit cards, cash, and credit cards and via PayPal. Moreover, Sketchers provides delivery services at a small fee depending on the distance to the customers’ homes from the shop. At times the delivery services are always available for free to customers living just around the shop’s location.

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