Every football fan dreams of finding a favorite team that is on top of all world rankings. What an unforgettable feeling it is when you support them all the time, watch every match and see how it becomes the best in the world. MaxFootballBet.com gives you a great opportunity of keeping in touch with recent changes of FIFA rankings.

How Does the System Work?

FIFA has been making its rankings for many years. However, their systems of total results calculations were often criticized since they were considered not objective enough. Therefore, the organization is constantly updating the formula of success. Nowadays, the ranking is based only on accurate data.

A modern calculating system is commonly known as Elo. FIFA started using Elo principles in 2018, though this ranking system was developed a long time ago. In order to determine the total result of any team the following formula is used: P = Pbefore + I (W – We). Looking at this formula in detail, Pbefore demonstrates the number of previous points, while I is the importance index. To be more accurate, it shows how important this or that match was. W stands for the final game result, while We indicates the score predicted before the match.

FIFA Football Ranking 2019

FIFA ranking table provides the name of a team, its rank, previous and total points as well as difference compared with a foregoing top list. A new ranking was published on  July 30, 2019. The best team in the world according to the FIFA ranking this year is a Belgian one. This team is in a perfect shape and has been in the top list for several years. It has the following competitors:

  • Brazil;
  • France;
  • England;
  • Uruguay;
  • Portugal;
  • Croatia and others.

The last, 211th position, was given to San Marino. The ranking is based on the reliable calculations.

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