It is impossible to spot the moment of the appearance of gambling in Europe. At the place of ancient burials, archaeologists still find stone dice made thousands of years ago.

According to the most common scientific theory, cubes with the meanings carved on them were used not for entertainment, but for various religious rituals. It is known that in some tribes with their help human fate was even determined.

Much later, the dice had begun to fulfill their modern functions – to be used for gambling entertainment.

First gambling clubs appeared on the territory of Ancient Rome

The ancient prototype of a modern casino was called “Circus”, which offered a game of dice for real money. The first sweepstakes also arose in Rome – where enterprising traders accepted money bets on the results of gladiatorial battles or chariot hauls.

Ancient Roman gambling traditions were continued by Italy of the Renaissance

In Rome, special houses began to appear where everyone could play cards for money. It also offered alcoholic drinks, music and dancing. Moreover, gambling quickly gained popularity, both among ordinary workers and the elite. People couldn’t have wished to download free casino games for pc in those days, but they definitely had a lot of fun.

The first gambling club arose in Venice at the beginning of the 17th century

It was called Il Ridotto. Its creation was dedicated to the famous Venetian carnival. However, due to the high popularity among the nobility, the institution began to function on an ongoing basis. Moreover, this casino paid high taxes to the state treasury.

The real peak of the development of gambling occurred in the 19th century

Clubs became richer and more luxurious, the first rooms for dignitaries appeared there. However, at the end of the century, taxes on the organization of gambling became so high that their development was temporarily suspended.

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