When you have a tennis court in your backyard, you should never underestimate the importance of maintaining it properly. Leave it unattended and things will soon go out of hand. However, sometimes, even after proper care, you may have to decide to hire a professional for specific tasks, and tennis court resurfacing is one such thing.

Resurfacing a tennis court is a must after a certain time period. Proper maintenance is not going to help because the surface is exposed to serious beating during the play, and it can lead to wear and tear. Regardless of how much you take care of the court surface or how carefully you practice on it, there will be a time when the surface needs to be re-treated. Here are some key factors in this regard:

Ideal Time for Resurfacing

Every court surface is bound to be resurfaced after a certain period of time, be it hard court or artificial clay or grass. You know it is time to get resurfacing done when you start witnessing dents and cracks on your hard court. Before this intense damage, you are likely to face chipping and notice color fade on your ground. You can delay the need to have to court resurfaced if you pay more attention to maintenance when you notice those signs of wear.

When you are planning to get your court resurfaced, you must take into account the weather conditions. Summers and spring are ideal for resurfacing as your court can get enough time and suitable climate to get settled. You can have it done in winter too, but resurfacing in winters is usually a bad idea, as in moist weather and lower temperature, surface takes more than ideal time in getting dry that may result in an undesired outcome.

Consider the Cost

When opting for resurfacing, be sure to consider your budget first. Depending on the type of surface you have and how damaged it is, you may have to spend anything more than $4,000 on resurfacing. In some cases, the cost may go up to $8,000 too. The best thing is to work with a tennis court contractor and ask them to inspect it for you. Ask for estimation and a quote to have your court resurfaced. You can do the same with other contractors and compare their quotes to select the best deal.

Purpose of Resurfacing

If you want your tennis court to stay in good condition and properly functioned for a longer period of time then you must resurface it as soon as you witness problematic surface without delaying it unnecessarily. Getting resurfacing done on the right time can save you from the hassle of reconstruction all over again.

When the surface of the tennis court start witnessing cracks and dents it is no longer ideal for practicing and may result in injuries and bruises to the players. Moreover, players lose their interest in playing if the surface is not smooth and creates a hurdle in their way while moving during the playing. Therefore, it is better to get resurfacing done at an earliest possible time than to lose the vitality of your tennis court.

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