Plain t shirts are like the savior for every college student. If there is uniform, the question is immediately ruled out but most colleges allow students to wear pretty normal attires for the same. The only requirement is decency. To escape the rapid decision-making hustle, most of us prefer slipping into a t shirt and getting off for the day. Plain t shirts are something which is favored the most for everyday routine. Although the colorful and vibrant looking t shirts with multiple graffiti are good to break the monotony, yet nothing stands in comparison to a plain white t shirt. Previously, girls were mostly seen to refrain from the trend of t shirts and mostly preferred traditional kurtis or simple tops. With time, even the women folks are seen to adopt the trend of plain tees because of the ultimate comfort. However, there are innumerable other reasons what make the plain t shirts the perfect outfit for college. Keep reading more to know why!

Simple and Basic

Plain t shirts are just the most basic and simple looking attire one can ever get. College is solely for studying and not for showcasing your extreme sense of fashion. Hence, dressing over the brim for college is always a no-no. To escape the fuss and most importantly to let your intellect reflect more than your style, basic t shirts have emerged to be the perfect trend for the study environment.

Effortlessly Stylish

Plain t shirts are considered perfect for college students because they can make anyone look effortlessly stylish. Whether paired with jeans or a shrug or simply worn as it is, they instantly blend with the classroom mood. Stylish plain tees available online on,, and other sites are available in the trendiest designs and have become an all-season necessity. Whether it is the heat of May or the chills of December, they can always be worn and flaunted with style.

For The Ultimate Comfort

Wearing something too tight or thrifty can never be comfortable for college which calls for an active mind and body. You will always be on a lookout for wearing something which does not turn out to be a hindrance while you move your arms and body. This is also a reason why students mostly prefer t shirts. They are incomparably comfortable giving you ample stretch to twist and turn as and when needed and remain active throughout the day.

Match with anything

Plain t shirts can be undoubtedly matched with any kind of attire. For both men and women, plain t shirts can be matched with any kind of bottoms to create a chic sense of fashion. For the purpose, students mostly prefer white, blue, black or pastel-colored t shirts which have effortlessly created one of the best college trends so far.

It Looks Decent

As mentioned earlier, many colleges set up a dress code for the students to avoid the fuss of indecent dressing to college. This is where a t shirt comes to rescue. We are all aware of the tiny crop tees that have taken the market at storm. However, the trend is not counted in the list.

Look the Most Attractive

T shirts for college purposes look far more attractive than overdressed students with a huge number of clinking accessories. The main purpose is to concentrate and not to get distracted. Plain t shirts are always simple yet fancy and the fact that it looks good on anyone and everyone, it has emerged as an evergreen college trend!

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