Though skiing is largely related to resorts and the ski season, more than treating it as a hobby or a vacation activity, people tend to forget that it’s an Olympic sport as well. That isn’t to say that people don’t get a lot of fun from gliding through the snow, but it takes a lot of patience to learn and master. Instructor positions are highly valuable skill-based occupations that can prove to show that learning a skill can be profitable as well. If you’ve decided to take on the path to become a snowboard instructor, here are a few things that might shed some light on one of the more unique occupations out there.

In preparation for the snow season

A sound mind equates to a sound body. Snowboard instructors need to maintain physical excellence to perform well in their job and to avoid any risk of injuries. To achieve this, they need to have strong core strength and flexibility primarily in their lower body. Proper diet is also needed before taking a swing at the snow. But given that you’ll be in the snow a lot, you’ll definitely be taking a few falls here and there, so it’s better to get used to taking a hit.

The training is no walk in the park

Just like skiing, snowboarding is one of the few sportsout there that affects the whole body in terms of requiring balance and core strength. It requires both technique and muscle strength which would require lots and lots of training. This doesn’t include the adjustment to the weather and the procuring and maintenance of your own gear.Though snowboard instructors are mainly just required to be present for peak season, usually covering half of the year, they still need to keep a fit and healthy body throughout the whole year. Nothing spells ‘snow accident’ more than getting complacent and rusty at the same time.

Teaching after being taught

Contrary to popular belief, learning to snowboard is harder to learn than riding a bike, but it is much easier to master once you get in the groove of the climate and the development of your intuition and technique. Training as an instructor usually takes about 4 to 15 weeks at most, depending on the mastery level that you wish to achieve. In that short amount of time, however, you might take longer than others especially if you’re completely new to the sport.

The instructor’s reward

The work hours may be flexible, but they allow for being able to work in different parts of the world. If you think the trip back to your workplace might be too expensive, indoor snow domes are around like Glasgow’s Snow Dome to keep yourself from being antsy. Being an instructor mixes both discipline and learning at the same time. Being a snowboard instructor gives the opportunity to meet people from around the globe willing to learn for fun or willing to learn to be an instructor as well.

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