There are only two types of people in this world. You are either a golfer or you are not. OK, fair enough, we golfers are actually in the minority, but nonetheless there are a good number of us. Some recent stats showed that over 1 million people in the UK had played a round of golf the previous week, and over 1.5 million had played in the previous month. That’s a lot more than people who play chess or scrabble, or even those who go fell running or paragliding. Anyway, what was that old saying? “A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day in the office!”

Those of us who play golf live and breathe the game. And with the coming of the internet we can now indulge ourselves even more with golf clubs online. What once used to be a hobby that we could only enjoy at the weekend, we can now be involved in every time we are anywhere near a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet – and we’ve all got mobile phones. We can chat away to our heart’s content in the virtual online club bar as much as we like.

However, there is a lot more than just chatting that you can do in an online golf club. Most of them will point you in the direction of new golf partners and golf societies in your area, which is great, because you can make new friends and find new courses to play. Finding new golf partners is not always easy, but online golf clubs usually have golf games posted where people are looking for partners to play on courses in your area. Of course, because it’s the internet, you will also find that there are games to play up and down the country, so if you happen to be going 100 miles away on business for a few days you may well be able to get in a round of golf while you do so as well.

Let’s say you are going on holiday, whether in the UK or abroad, and you are going to take your clubs with you. (What’s a holiday for if it’s not to play golf?). You are going to an area that you very well may not know, so you can ask in your online golf club if anyone has played at such and such a club that is in your holiday zone. You will almost certainly find that you get reviews of that course from other members who live there and have played it, or at least get pointed towards some reviews.

There are plenty more benefits to becoming a member of an online golf club, so if you are not already a member you would do well to join one.

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