Have you ever been at the gym working out in front of the mirror and thought to yourself: my workout clothes look like one big mismatched disaster! Maybe it is not that dramatic, but a lot of people (me included) care about what they look like even when they are found inside of a gym. The good news is that there are brands that have made some very good looking and stylish mens workout clothes alternatives for you to try out! No longer do you have to get caught in a neon polyester shirt with red basketball pants and some dirtied up running shoes. In this article, we are going to look at a few new workout clothing styles, garments, and complete outfits you can begin wearing for your next visit to the gym.

You’re working out, why does it matter how you look in the gym?

You might have the following objection though: “what does it matter what I’m wearing to the gym anyway? It’s only going to be covered in sweat.” Well, it actually matters a lot. Mens gym clothes and all workout attire don’t only have to get the job done, but it can also look great. Whether you are rocking a good outfit in public, on the red carpet, or while you’re on the treadmill a good outfit always does one thing: boosts your confidence. If your confidence levels are enhanced while at the gym, you might even experience an enhanced workout performance! So always consider wearing sexy workout clothes for men to the gym.

So, let us talk about performance workout gear, cool and trendy workout clothes from bathing suits, boxers, meggings (male leggings), sweat shorts, running shorts, joggers, and more! 

When by The Pool:

First things first, let’s get the sexiest activewear out of the way – swimsuits. When you went/go to a swim meet or even when you watch the Olympic swimmers they are not wearing baggy boardshorts or swim trunks… no, they are wearing swim briefs or jammers. No, it’s not because the athletes want to show off even more, it’s because those style of swimsuits offer less drag while in the water and looking hot just so happened to be a side effect.

Not only will you see an increased performance in your speed when you pick up a pair of swim briefs or a jammer, but you will also turn a few heads the next time you go to the pool to swim a few laps.

If you don’t know where to look for a swimsuit that will get the job done and look great, I recommend the brand Differio at Differio.com. (spoiler alert, I recommend them for all the clothing listed in this article, so really go check them out!) Differio has a delightful selection of both swim briefs and swim trunks if the ‘exposed’ look of briefs still isn’t your thing.

When in the Weight Room or On the Treadmill:

The next time you find yourself in the weight room or running on the treadmill, I highly suggest you try out some of the following techniques to have your men’s workout clothes on point. Now, I’m sure you have heard about them, I’m sure you’ve maybe even seen them in person – but, let’s address the very comfortable and effective elephant in the room: mens compression pants or leggings for men. That’s right – meggings.

Leggings for men are not as ridiculous as they sound, trust me, there is a reason you see women wearing them all the time. Mens compression pants are highly flexible and breathable; the right pair will make your workout feel almost like it’s “flowing” and even provide a nice access of airflow to keep you nice and cool even in a heated workout routine.

Suppose the leggings aren’t your fancy – well a very match-able piece of activewear to just about any free t-shirt you got at a college fair is some sweatshorts. Like their older brother sweatpants, sweatshorts are the same breathable material and are perfect for any workout scenario when it’s just a little too hot to wear sweatpants outside. A nice gray pair can go with just about any color of t-shirt, but even a white or black t-shirt will go with just about any color of sweatshorts should gray be too boring for you.

If a simple look is your thing and you love free-motion, you might want to try out a sports bodysuit for men. A form of overalls for men, bodysuits offer a wide range of motion and are very simple – as they are just one piece of clothing. Sort of like a wrestling singlet, bodysuits provide athletes the comfort and coverage they need no matter how deep your squat goes.

Differio offers a wide range of mens gym clothes and sexy mens workout clothes for men, from mens compression pants, sweatshorts, leg warmers, as well as the bodysuits and all of them have style approval for your next gym visit – no matter the workout type.

More So Than Ever, Color Matters:

Now that you have the actual garment options laid out for you, it is important that we cover the most important part regarding the building of the outfit – the color. Sure, the function of the clothing was a very important component, but nothing ties outfits together more than the agreeance of color. Remember, the colors black, white, and gray will and always will be your best friends when it comes to matching together your outfits. However, if you find yourself rocking some red running shoes it wouldn’t hurt to tie the color red into your outfit somewhere else to add some compliment.

That’s just the thing, to a lot of runners and athletes alike, the color of their shoes is everything. If you find yourself to be the same way, it wouldn’t hurt to shop around the color scheme of your favorite pair of workout shoes. If your shoes are just a plain old black and white combo that’s okay too, a basic white t-shirt with those sweatshorts mentioned before won’t do you wrong.

Ultimately, the next workout outfit that gives you the confidence mentioned in the beginning will all boil down to the two keys to this article: function and color. If it functions right and matches a color scheme, you will look fly even when drenched in sweat. You will also feel way better knowing that you just did a great workout rich with confidence and the success of knowing you made it to the gym to begin with, so feel free to flex those good looks.

Don’t forget to check out Differio for all your activewear needs mentioned in this article, or beyond!

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